Why Us

Reasons why you should use us for fulfilment.

This is a summary of why you should work with us. It is a true life story and explanation of why we have something unique to offer our clients. Deciding to use a fulfilment company is a choice you need to take very seriously.

Packing goodsSo, first of all we really do know that choosing a fulfilment solution is a critical choice for your business. A poor fulfilment company can do an enormous damage to your business.

On the other hand a competent and enthusiastic company allows you to sleep at night or take that holiday when you need to. It allows you more time to run your business, while our team do the nitty gritty work – helping your business to thrive!

The reason we are so understanding of how nerve wrecking the decision to use a fulfilment solution can be is because the owners of the company have been there! In 2007, co-owner of Fusion Fulfilment, Mark Lester, made the tough decision to move his mail order health supplements business to a fulfilment house. Prior to this Mark’s business was operating from, and overwhelming, two rooms as well as the garage of his home.

Whilst making this huge decision, more than one night of sleep was lost considering the risks of making a mistake. At the time he was relinquishing control of the day to day picking and packing to a group of strangers operating from a warehouse 60 miles away from his existing home and office.

We know you can go to lots of companies for fulfilment, but here are a number of reasons why you should consider working with us:

    • We are flexible (within reason) and that’s because we are relatively small and willing to adapt to meet your needs. For those who want customisation, specific packaging, shrink wrapping, leaflets and so on in their packages we can do it. The big boys in the industry do not offer this sort of service no matter how trivial a matter is required, and they have neither the time nor the remotest interest in providing it. Some of them say they will, then when it comes down it, they can’t or won’t. However most won’t even claim that they offer it. Several of our clients have joined us from other companies specifically because we offer this higher level of service.

    • We are honest and conscientious. We will not take on any work where we are anything less than 100% confident that we can do a good job for you. We would rather recommend you to go somewhere else than work with us if we don’t think we are a good match for your business. In essence, we think we are at our best working with SME’s (small to medium sized enterprises) needing warehousing and fulfilment for anything from as little as a couple of orders per day to several hundred orders per day. However, we will consider any requests that come our way and give you an honest assessment on whether we think we are right for you.Scanning packages

    • We are fair. As a business we have to make money, but any quotes we provide for warehousing, picking, packing, and account management will be reasonable and competitive not at a rate designed to impoverish you.
      Here is an illustration of typical fees >>

    • We are passionate and care about our clients. This company was formed by its owners who had used a range of fulfilment companies for their own fulfilment needs. They observed at close hand how some, if not most fulfilment companies do the job but don’t really care about their clients or whether their business thrives or fails. Our team is motivated and does a first class job for all our clients.
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    • We care about your business. We know that your success is our success, and we will go the extra mile to ensure mutual success.

    • Good inventory management is important. We use Mintsoft from www.mintsoft.com for stock and inventory management. It has over 160 integrations, which covers almost all e-commerce companies.
      The main ones being listed here >>

    • We can move quickly if you want to work with us. We can take on small clients within a matter of  days, and larger clients within a few weeks.

    • We won’t hold you to ransom. If it’s just not working out for you, you can leave at relatively short notice. Not that we think you will want to leave us, as we will only take your business if we are sure we can do a great job for you.

    • We can move quickly if you want to work with us. We can take on small clients within a matter of  days, and larger clients within a few weeks.

    • Here are answers to common questions potential clients ask us >>

    • Our warehouse is secure, clean and well lit. If you make an appointment we are happy to give you a tour of our facilities.

    • We have negotiated good rates with couriers to ship packages throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

    • We can provide highly competitive rates for insuring your goods in our warehouse if you want us to, though you are more than welcome to shop around for better insurance deals privately.