Our Clients

Here are some of the clients who use us for their fulfilment needs

The Finchley Clinic – thefinchleyclinic.com

Health Fusion Clinic – healthfusionclinic.com


Artostyle – artostyle.com/



Firawn – firawn.com


Kannaway – kannaway.com

Estella Bartlett – https://estellabartlett.com

Essence PR

Khyva – khyva.com

Essence PR

Essence PR – essencepr.com

Just Trade – Ethical Jewellery and Accessories – justtrade.co.uk

Great Wall Gifts – greatwallgifts.com

Resource & Rebalance me – Working with nature to support your health – https://www.randrme.com


The Uniform – theuniform.com

Amacam – Specialists in small car dash cameras, Video Recording, IP Wireless Surveillance and Office and Home Security Cameras – amacam.net

Langdales – langdales.co.uk

Big Group Retail – biggroup-retail.co.uk

Royal College of Radiologists – rcr.ac.uk/

VIP Equestrian –  vip-equestrian.com

Fore Business – fore-business.com

Grasshopper UK

Bake With Jack – bakewithjack.co.uk

Monty – montypr.com

David James Food – davidjamesfood.com

Treesy Green – treesygreen.com

Heady Mix – headymix.co.uk/

abScent – www.abscent.org

Beautiskincare – beutiskincare.com

Jaspers Choice – jasperschoice.com/.com/

Cradlepoint – cradlepoint.com

Pok-its – pok-its.com/

Le Papillion Vert – lepapillonvert.co.uk

Play On London – play-on-london.myshopify.com

Sea Gem Swimwear – seagemswimwear.co.uk

Lingaury – lingaury.com

Our Clients

When considering using the services of a fulfilment company, ensure that they are proud of their work and take pride in their customer service. You should see their clients (or at least some of them) listed proudly on their website. If there are no examples to be found, this may well mean the services they provide are, at best, second-rate, and so they are not keen for you to find out who their clients actually are. This may be in case you contact their clients and discover that they are doing a pretty lousy job. We have heard stories regarding other fulfilment companies of lost stock and ludicrous over-charging for storage costs which bear no resemblance to the actual square footage of stock being stored and what was contractually agreed. We have also been told stories of the rates some fulfilment company’s charge for goods received and unpacked, sometimes at three times the contractually agreed rate.
Fusion Fulfilment are trustworthy, decent and ethical and we can, and do, turn away work which is either too big for us, or where we don’t think we would be a good match for your business for any other reason. We are only offer our services to small medium sized business enterprises (SMEs) with which we are a good fit.